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Thread: best way to focus jukebox playlists

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    best way to focus jukebox playlists

    Hi, I love the random playlists generated by the Jukebox track feature but like many collectors I like to have everything accessible when browsing but would prefer to be able to exclude a large chunk of the music. For instance I don't want any classical music and then there are a lot of the albums that I would like to exclude.

    If it was a one off exercise I am happy to do this on flag the albums that should be excluded or alternately those that should be included in the playlist generated but obviously wouldn't want to do that every time.

    I saw a heading called 'exclude' but I don't think that is for this purpose. One more extreme approach would be to divide the whole physical collection into 2 halves and only add in the 'excluded' element when I am looking for it but that seems a bit extreme and clumsy. Just wondered if I am missing something pretty basic about this.

    Currently I generate the list but then go through the whole thing deleting items before listening which is tedious.

    Never quite sure how but I swear the random selections are better than the ones I would do manually but if I can just tweak this it would be perfect :D

    I did look through the help section but couldn't recognise what I was looking for.

    Extra question - I do have a shiny new NAS sitting in front of me on the desk. I assume it's OK to disable the Asset on the old server and reapply the same license number to the asset on the new server isn't it? My old server will still be on the network but the asset server won't be used on it any more. Is that OK?


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    Re: best way to focus jukebox playlists

    You can do Dynamic Browsing >> Exclude >> Genre >> Classical

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    Re: best way to focus jukebox playlists

    Hi Martin!
    I do exactly what you want. You use the exclusions as Spoon says, but you can then also have a short cut that goes straight there. It's a little complicated but from my plain text browse tree:
    Exclusions for Random Playlists**Additional&+&Dynamic Browsing&+& [Exclude]&+&Genre&+&Rap&+& [Exclude]&+&Genre&+&Musical&+& [Exclude]&+&Genre&+&Instrumental&+& [Exclude]&+&Genre&+&Punk
    The spaces need to be there.
    So in your case, to only exclude Classical, you'd want something simpler:
    Non-Classical Random Playlists**Additional&+&Dynamic Browsing&+& [Exclude]&+&Classical

    You may also like to know I also have a Favourites tag - I have tagged around 100 of my most favourite albums/tracks and have a Favourites tree:
    Favourites\Jukebox Album Selection
    Favourites\Jukebox Track Selection

    This is actually easier to do in Minim, but with Asset you need to add the tag to a hidden file on the NAS.

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