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Thread: glossary/definition of PerfectTunes AccurateRip results?

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    glossary/definition of PerfectTunes AccurateRip results?


    I finally got around to using PerfectTunes' AccurateRip function to check my entire library. My library consists of CDs (ripped using iTunes and dBpoweramp...all lossless); DSF files extracted from SACDs; and higher-than-CD-res downloads (mix of DSD and PCM).

    After running AccurateRip, I received the following "categories" of results and am having difficulty trying to decipher some of their meanings. I'm also wondering why I received no results for any of the albums I've extracted from SACDs and converted to "DSF" files (96 KHz, 24-bit)...in other words about 100 albums in DSF format that have been converted using dBpoweramp from the DSD extract to 96 KHz, 24-bit are not mentioned in any of the results. Why would they not show up in even the "Total Albums" report/category?

    I apologize if these explanations are posted somewhere...I searched the forums here and searched the web however couldn't find explanations for many of these result.

    Any help interpreting would be appreciated. Thx.


    1. Albums Accurately Ripped - very clear. All tracks were accurate.

    2. Albums Cannot Check. There are two types of messages:
    a. Not Lossless CD Quality - It appears that some of these albums are higher-than-CD-res albums (e.g., 48 KHz, 16-bt or 192 KHz, 24-bit. However there are no other hi-res albums as I noted above.
    b. Incomplete Album - I'm at a loss here. There are many popular CDs (e.g., Eric Clapton, Unplugged; John Coltrane, Giant Steps; etc.) Others are albums that are multi-disc but which I've saved as individual albums. Should I save these as one album and retag accordingly?

    3. Albums Not Present in AccurateRip. Again, many common albums appear (with AccurateRip DiscIDs). Examples inlcude Art Blakey, A Night in Tunisia; Dire Straits, Making Movies; Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown; etc. Note that some of these are CD-Rs I ripped from vinly so I would not expect them to be in the AccurateRip. The ones named are commercially purchased CDs. Is it a coincidence that what I think may be common albums are not in fact common enough among AccurateRip users to have been entered into the database?

    4. Albums With Ripping Errors. This is self-explanatory...will rip again. All of these albums have at least one track that was "InAccurate".

    5. Corrupted Tracks. Again, self-explanatory and will rip again.

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    Re: glossary/definition of PerfectTunes AccurateRip results?

    AccurateRip can only check against CD rips, 96KHz is not a CD rip and will not be in the database.

    With regards to the discs you mention, to lookup accuraterip the lead-in of the CD is required, it is a value, this is not present in your files, so it is guessed or looked up using our servers, this lookup is not complete and the guess is not always correct, hence no match for CDs with non-standard lead in values.

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