Hi & thanks for looking.

I have recently installed dbPoweramp onto a new win10 pc and have gotten everything working, except the metadata providers; Discogs, GD3, MusicBrains & freedb. They are not highlighted in the dBpoweramp CD Ripper: Manual Meta Review dialog. (Aside I do own GD3, however, I do not know where it's link should be.)

I do believe that freedb might be working, because I am able to download metadata automatically, although, it will not allow me to directly access it via the dialog I just mentioned or search other sites if freedb doesn't have metadata fo an album.

I've gone into Windows Defender to allow dBpoweramp to pass through the firewall. Unfortunately in the "Allowed Apps" dialog there are several executable apps in Program Files > dBpoweramp folder. Which App/File Name do I use? Or, am I barking up the wrong tree? I've searched the forum, however, haven't come up with an answer to get me access to the metadata sites.

Note: if this info regarding metadata sites is on your website, please refer to it so I can proceed, OR, if anyone can guide me through this process I'd be much obliged.

Thanks for your insights!