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Thread: wav 8 bit 8.000 khz files not converting

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    Nov 2018

    wav 8 bit 8.000 khz files not converting

    I have been using db Poweramp to convert my wav files for many years. However, since I quit my job at The Danish National Broadcasting Corporation I do not get db Poweramp for free anymore. Therefore, I payed and downloaded a version on my work PC.

    Sadly, the newest version of db Poweramp, will not convert my 8 bit 8.000 khz mono wav files :-( I have tried to search the forums for a solution, without any luck at all.

    Get this error, when I try to convert:

    Error converting to Wave, 'C:\Temp\Giro 666 In Flames.wav' to 'C:\Temp\Giro 666 In Flames.wav'
    Error Cannot Create Wave Decoder (CCITT u-Law)? [clWaveDecoder_Wave::PrepareToDecodeAudio]

    Anybody have a fix for this?

    All best
    Anders Bøtter
    Copenhagen, Denmark.

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    Re: wav 8 bit 8.000 khz files not converting

    Which previous version were you using? has your Windows version changed also? (it is windows which decodes the wave files with ACM drivers).

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