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Thread: Sometimes album covers change on me!

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    Angry Sometimes album covers change on me!

    Sometimes when I go into PerfectTUNES just to make some minor changes to ID3 tags, even for a completely other album, when it goes through the initial scanning of my albums, sometimes it'll change my album covers on me without my consent! Why is this happening? I mean, 99% of them are still the same, but whenever it detects low resolution art that I had to choose to get the cover correct, or the right album cover can't be found among the choices shown me on the Internet (no matter what search terms I put in that window), so I choose no album cover at all, it still, upon launching PerfectTUNES, tries to think for me and just grabs any album cover it wants to and just throws it in there for a given album. IS THERE A WAY TO TURN OFF THIS AUTOMATIC INTERNET MATCHING FEATURE!?

    I'm currently going through the LENGTHY and EXPENSIVE process (expensive because I'm planning to go back and buy CD's of all my music to replace my online-purchased MP3's) of divorcing myself from Google Play Music, for example, just because of shit like this. They're always arbitrarily replacing album cover art that I've painstakingly chosen in GPM, which in my expectation should always be there and correct forever and ever AMEN. I don't want PerfectTUNES to choose for me, *I* want to always MANUALLY choose the album art!!! If the correct one can't be found, I'd rather the album art be blank than have the wrong cover art by having PerfectTUNES mistakenly choose it for me!

    Does anyone know how to change this behavior in PerfectTUNES? (Not so perfect after all, eh?) I don't see much customizability in Settings at all.

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    Re: Sometimes album covers change on me!

    PerfectTUNES does not automatically update the art unless you click 'Fix Albums' at the top. If you look at a single item and click 'Fix' then only if you choose art is it saved.

    If art is automatically being written then something other than PerfectTUNES is writing that art, potentially Windows Media Player which silently updates art even if it is not running...

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