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Thread: Where To Place The Organist/Pianist/Accompanist (help?)

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    Question Where To Place The Organist/Pianist/Accompanist (help?)

    Hi folks,

    Having almost ripped my 'classical' collection I have stumbled upon something I should perhaps have asked much earlier. But with that much going on within 'classical' and 'opera' tagging it's easy to overlook certain things.

    So, I have just ripped disc-1 of the Christmas CD 'The Greatest Carols Album' (and it took damn near two and half hours just to tag the first 25 tracks!):

    But for many of the tracks their is an ORGANIST as well as a choir. My dilemma is where do I place the organist, please? On other similar CDs I have placed him/her in the SOLOISTS field; but this is not going to work here because there are SOLOISTS listed in the personnel (ie. soprano; tenor; baritone;) - therefore organist does not fit! On some of my other CDs (opera) I placed the organist's name in the ORCHESTRA field; but again this does not work on the current 'The Greatest Carols Album'.

    Should should I create a NEW and dedicated tag, please? The reason I ask is because only certain tags (a limited number in my opinion!) appear on my Sony Walkman and Amazon Fire playback devices.

    Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.

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