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Thread: Ripping over 30,000 DISCS..

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    Question Ripping over 30,000 DISCS..

    Hello everyone!
    I have 30,000 Discs. Yes that's 30 Thousand discs in my collection that I would ultimately like to rip into MP3s or other formats so I can take my collection with me and play them while I work. I drive truck for a living so.. Can't cart that many CDS around with me all over. I am wondering if the "PRIMERA TECHNOLOGIES BRAVO PRO Xi CD DVD USB DISC PUBLISHER XRP AUTO DUPLICATOR" would work with the cd ripper software and if anyone has used it to do so and if so what are the exact settings I will need to set up to make this happen. Granted 30,000 Cds is going to still take a while BUT not as long if i can do 50 at a time. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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    Re: Ripping over 30,000 DISCS..

    Donít rip to lossy (like mp3). Rip to FLAC as archive (lossless). Then you can always create lossy versions such as mp3 easily with a few mouse clicks.

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    Re: Ripping over 30,000 DISCS..

    You would be better with the nimbie, or two nimbies.

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