I was a long time user of the dBpoweramp when I was a Windows user and one of the things I used the most was the Arrange Audio utility codec. I switched to Mac's in 2012 and have been waiting for this to become usable in OS-X. I noticed today that it was so I downloaded the trial and loaded up a folder with test files. When I use the Arrange Audio codec all files are being dumped into the root folder with no folders of their own. The naming string I am using is:

[IFCOMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],Various Artists[]\[album]\[IFMULTI][disc]-[][track] [title][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album]\[IFMULTI][disc]-[][track] [title][]

I tried again with the default string and still get the same results. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?