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Thread: dBpoweramp Video Converter for Mac, R1 beta

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    dBpoweramp Video Converter for Mac, R1 beta

    dBpoweramp Video Converter for Mac is finally available for testing.

    Current version: R1 beta 5

    Before first use
    Make sure to go to settings and install extra GPL based codecs for full functionality.

    Notable cool features
    • Use any FFmpeg codecs and effects at will through custom presets.
    • Process audio files as well, because why not.
    • Concatenate files ( -f concat ) from context menu in Batch Converter.

    Features currently missing
    • Documentation / help is being worked on
    • Edit tags for MP4 and Matroska is planned for a future release

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Mac OS Mojave dark mode support

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Added Canvas Size DSP
    • Added Scale Maximum DSP
    • Added Sharpen & Blur DSP
    • Added Watermark DSP
    • Added Brightness & Contrast DSP, removed brightness from Hue & Saturation DSP
    • Fixed QT chapters messages being treated as errors
    • Added .wtv and .m2ts input types

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Varions visual updates, added codec logos
    • "Cut" DSP effect

    Changes in beta 5:
    • 'Convert' button in Batch Converter now has a dropdown menu with additional commands.
    • Made 'concatenate' tool available from the new 'convert' button menu - for any Batch Converter selection, not just for files in individual folder.
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