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Thread: Saving Intentional Duplicates (and not re-identifying them)?

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    Saving Intentional Duplicates (and not re-identifying them)?

    Longtime dbPowerAmp user, new Perfect Tunes user.

    I'm having to go through an immense number of duplicates (and triplicates and quads and quints) in an effort to re-establish my iTunes library. In the installation of whatever iTunes for Windows version came out last year a large number of songs, albums, and artists just disappeared. Not talking about the iTunes "!" missing file path icon, just gone. Not there. The problem with that is that you don't know they are missing until you want to hear something and it isn't there, or you are used to an album song order and notice one or two are gone.

    So here is the problem: PerfectTunes does an admirable job of showing all the duplicates, but I have a lot of duplicates that are *intentional* duplicates. They show up first under the original artist, again in a "Best of" album with the artist, again in a compilation or two, then maybe again in a soundtrack.

    I know that if I hit "Delete" in the duplication menu screen, the file is deleted. What happens when I click on the "X" in the upper right of the duplicate screen? The duplicate screen closes and doesn't delete the files. I get that. But does it identify the files as "Accepted" so that the next time I run Perfect Tunes they don't show up again as duplicates?

    This is important because I'm hoping that after I wade through 7,898 duplicates I won't have to do 40% of them again the next time I run PerfectTunes.

    Thanks for a quality product!

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    Re: Saving Intentional Duplicates (and not re-identifying them)?

    Yes, clicking 'X' ensures that the duplicate is accepted and never shown again.

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