I've noticed that sometimes CD ripper will lock up after ejecting a disc. The CD Ripper window indicates the disc is ejecting and all of the CD's information goes away except for the cover art image. Sometimes I will get the Windows Task Manager dialog box with the option to close the program but that doesn't work, nor does trying to go into Task Manager and ending the process. The only way to recover when this happens is to hard power cycle the computer. If I try to restart the computer says it is shutting down but it just spins and spins and never shuts down or restarts. When this happens it also prevents the other instance of CD Ripper from working. Not sure if this is a Windows issue or maybe something with the cover art files since that is the only information that remains in the CD Ripper window. I'm running Windows 7 Pro SP1 with all current updates. Thanks for any thoughts on the subject.