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Thread: Feature request - Add ability to Write AccurateRIP tags to flac files

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    Feature request - Add ability to Write AccurateRIP tags to flac files

    Over many years I've ripped an awful lot of CDs (2700+) using a number of different utilities and computers (Mac, Windows PC and Linux) before settling on dBpoweramp on Mac. Unfortunately it means more than half of my collection (approx 70%) doesn't have AccurateRIP tags so PerfectTUNES takes an awful long time (up to two days) to process my music files. I live in an area with an extremely slow internet connection - <2MBits/Sec on average. I guess that when PerfectTUNES processes a track/album it writes the AccurateRIP data to a file or database somwhere so that information should be readily available. Would it be possible to add a feature to PerfectTUNES to write ONLY AccurateRIP tags to all those music files with those tags missing and at the same time preserve the file modification time? Hopefully something like this would make processing after clearing the database a lot quicker!

    It would take me many months to find the albums with missing AccurateRIP tags and then and re-rip them with dBpoweramp to include the missing AccurateRIP tags then go through my routine to add to and tidy up other tags. It could be done using CueTools on a windows PC, one albums at a time, but that would probably take longer and be more precarious - I would then also be having to transfer files backwards and forwards between my iMac and PC.

    I use my iMac running macos High Sierra to do all processing with PerfectTUNES and dBpoweramp so obviously i would want this on the Mac version of PerfectTUNES.

    Is any of this possible?

    Thank you


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    Re: Feature request - Add ability to Write AccurateRIP tags to flac files

    I am sorry to say it is not currently possible.

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