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Thread: Inaccurate CD Ripping

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    Inaccurate CD Ripping

    This may be a na´ve question as I just started digitizing my CD collection, but just for my own edification, if I've exhausted cleaning the CD attempts (warm water, alcohol, toothpaste), changed the ripper settings as described in a number of posts and ripped the CD in more than one drive and the CD still has certain track(s) that are still "inaccurate", what are the ramifications (or specifics) of playing that ripped track? I assume it was still ripped and can be played as is or am I missing something critical?

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    Re: Inaccurate CD Ripping

    It will still play. And it is possible that you wont hear any glitches at all. Have you listened to it.
    ps. In fact inaccurate doesnt necessarily mean that there is an error in the rip (this would produce an ERROR message rather than inaccurate). Inaccurate just means your rip doesn not match the ACCURATERIP database info.

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