I've re-installed Windows 7 (flushing Windows 10), and I wish to re-install dBpoweramp to its optimum way (esp. making sure I can also play FLAC, which didn't play before re-installing Windows 7). Here is what I paid for with illustrate:

dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.4 (Registered)
dBpoweramp Reference R15.3 (Family Pack)
dBpoweramp Reference R14.4 (Single PC)
dBpoweramp Reference R14.4 (Single PC)

Having this, should I first re-install "dBpoweramp Reference R15.3 (Family Pack)" and then upgrade by re-installing "dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.4 (Registered)"? Would doing this result in dBpoweramp being to its optimum? Or do I need to get a newer upgrade that I'm missing?

I love this player, and I hope that I can set it up to its optimum potential. Thanks in advance for any help.