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Thread: FLAC Problem

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    FLAC Problem


    Just demoing the 30 day version of Asset UPnP and have to say I'm quite impressed. My set up is using Hi-Fi Cast on my Android phone to stream music from my Asset server on my PC to a Bose SoundTouch ST20 wireless speaker. Works flawlessly most of the time (Hi-Fi Cast being the only Android app I've come across which fixes Bose's crappy implementation of DLNA and actually plays full playlists uninterrupted). Anyway, this setup normally plays every format flawlessly but today I tried a new FLAC album which although it shows as playing on the speaker and the Hi-Fi Cast app on my phone, no sound comes out. I think it's to do with the fact that this FLAC is 24 bit whereas the other FLACs Asset plays seamlessly are 16 bit. The speaker (and Hi-Fi Cast) can both handle 24bit FLAC as is evident when I pick a different server (J-River) so it must be something in Asset. Can Asset handle 24bit FLAC or is there an option to resample/decode it down to 16bit prior to streaming to the speaker? Any help much appreciated otherwise I have to flick to J River every time I want to play a 24bit FLAC.


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