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Thread: Failing to find existing discogs entry

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    Failing to find existing discogs entry

    When dBpoweramp fails to find meta-data, is there any simple way to import from a specified Discogs entry? For example I have the following CD:


    which dBpoweramp fails to find metadata for (although iTunes can).

    More fundamentally, is there a good explainer on how meta-data lookup works? Perhaps some linkage information is missing on the Discogs entry that is causing the failure?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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    Re: Failing to find existing discogs entry

    iTunes does note use discogs, and discogs does not have CD lookup >> entry, so dBpoweramp uses other databases to find the album name, so in effect discogs is an additional database for the other 3. The next major release will allow manual lookup in discogs though.

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    Re: Failing to find existing discogs entry

    Many thanks for the information and delighted to hear that manual lookup is coming. I'll put some discs aside to test this out when it arrives.

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