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Thread: No length on ripped tracks

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    No length on ripped tracks

    Hi, New here. I just downloaded the 21 day test version.

    I cannot get anything to successfully rip. I go through the whole ripping process and everything seems to work. The files are all created, but no player can play the files. Looking in the directory or in windows media player the songs have no length. I looked back at the ripping report and they all have 0 for length. I looked in the Metadata options and length is checked.

    Any help would be appreciated. Everything about the software looks great and I really want to like it and buy it.


    Should probably mention that this is on a Win10 64 machine.
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    Re: No length on ripped tracks

    Hey Matt,

    did you convert to flac codec? If so, I guess that your problem is the flac bug. Read this please.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: No length on ripped tracks

    Switched to Level 3 as listed in the linked post and it worked!

    Thank you!!

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