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Thread: Converting DSD to Flac?

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    Re: Converting DSD to Flac?

    1. 88KHz is a non standard audio frequency, not everything plays it in comparison to 96KHz
    2. You would choose the option in dBpoweramp Control Center: Audio Codecs 'List / Options'

    DSD Decoder >> Decoding Down Sampling

    3. It is possible it will be looked at in the future, I am not aware of any complaints for the quality of DSD decoding.

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    Re: Converting DSD to Flac?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kempy View Post
    in truth it is fs/2 (nyquist theorem)

    With source DSD64 and target fs at 44.1kHz or 48kHz there is no need for a seperate lowpass filter as the signal is steep lowpassed at fs/2 in the SRC process.

    For target fs 88.2kHz and above a steep lowpass filter starting at 30kHz in front of SRC is advisable. I did a little research and found above 26kHz you can't distinguish the music signal from the noise shaped noise, so I lowpassing at 26kHz with a steep filter min. 48dB/octave.

    Advisable free lowpass filters are

    - TDR Ultrasonic Filter (VST2 32 and 64 bit, alpha state but great working, parameters 25kHz, 100%, 100%)
    - sox with: gain +6 sinc -L -26k, also good for SRC, -b 24 rate -v -a 88.2k dither (complete cmd: >source file< -b 24 <target file> gain +6 sinc -L -26k rate -v -a 88.2k dither)

    If you don't want to burn a CD I would stay at 24bit. I'm usually doing DSD64 to PCM 24bit-88.2kHz.

    Don't forget to dither to the final wordlength (16bit or 24bit) as final step.


    I just saw your response. Thank you.

    Is it safe to assume that the record company that produced the original DSD, 96/24, or 192/24 files filtered out harmful frequencies? Otherwise, buyers could be subjecting themselves or others to potential harm just by playing what they purchased.

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