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Thread: Tagging - STYLES within CLASSICAL GENRE (help?)

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    Question Re: Tagging - STYLES within CLASSICAL GENRE (help?)


    I am still stuck with certain aspects concerning classifications within the genre of 'classical' music.

    At the moment I have these albums tagged as:

    GENRE = Choral

    STYLE = Religious

    Please see screenshot:

    I find this works reasonably OK (I have yet to add: Haydn's 'Creation' and Bach's 'Mass In B Minor' - and will be placing them also under: GENRE = 'Choral' and STYLE = 'Religious'). However (do correct me if I am wrong!), I believe Bach's 'Mass In B Minor' is actually an ORATORIO, and therefore would I be favourite in creating such a new GENRE? (making it: GENRE = 'Oratorio' and STYLE = 'Religious'). Would that be correct?

    Secondly, what do I do with Wagner's 'Tristan & Isolde', please?:

    I don't think this is at all 'religious' and it is an opera. So here, would I need to create a new GENRE (ie. 'Opera')?; and what, please, would I use for STYLE?

    All these questions; hence is taking me around 3 days per CD at the moment!

    Many thanks in advance.

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