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Thread: Single drive automation

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    Question Single drive automation

    Dear Forum,

    I'm just about to purchase dBpa but partly because i want a fully automate solution but using 1 external USB drive. From what I read this would be possible using "Batch Ripper" but having installed this and opened the configuration no drives are listed in "Configured Drives" or "Unconfigured Drives" and yet the drive shows up and works fine in dBpa?

    Please can someone help? I know this software is really meant for multi and robotic optical drives but I'm sure I've read it can be used with single drives too. I simply want to insert a disc have it rip the audio (using pre configured settings), get meta data and then eject the disk.

    Can someone also confirm whether dBpa can be controlled from the command line or via another application all as part of the dBpa user license?

    I did wonder whether an "Auto Loader" needed to be installed and setup for a single drive to work but could not find anything listed for a generic single external drive?

    I look forward to hearing from someone?

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    Re: Single drive automation

    Manual drives can be used, it could be your controller card which is blocking the batch ripper commands.

    Command line access is not available for ripping.

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