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Thread: Edit ID tag - Adding to default list of new tags

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    Edit ID tag - Adding to default list of new tags

    I have a few custom tags that I use regularly, and it would be nice to have them so up as defaults in the list of tags when I go to add a new tag.

    If I create a new custom tag in a single instance of the ID Tag Editor session, it will stay on the list as long as I'm in that session/instance. However if I close it and move to a new session/instance, then it's gone.

    Is there a way to edit the default list of possible new tags? So that those I use regularly can always be there?

    If not, then I'd like 6to request exposing that list as a customization option in the advanced options section of the main control center. Either the complete list or even just a shorter list of custom tags always to include.

    Peter S
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    Re: Edit ID tag - Adding to default list of new tags

    Open Windows File Explorer and into the address bar type:


    edit the file 'DefaultTagEdit.txt'

    add your new tags to the end.

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