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Thread: Nimbie Set Up problem

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    Nimbie Set Up problem


    Ive just received a Nimbie USB Plus and am attempting to get it running with Batch Ripper under Windows 7 home premium 64 Bit. I was succesfully using dbpoweramp with multiple drives before buying the Nimbie so the core software was working on my machine until i introduced the Nimbie

    I have dbpoweramp reference 16.4 installed, Batch Ripper and Nimbie Loader 6.

    The Nimbie driver is installed and the machine is recognised under windows hardware devices.

    The Nimbie machine is correctly displaying 3 out of 4 green LEDs to show its connected

    The Nimbie drive is recognised in Explorer as CD Drive (F. I am using a laptop with internal DVD Drive which is DVD RW Drive (E

    The Nimbie drive is recognised in dbpoweramp CD Ripper as F: TEAC DV W5600S

    The Nimbie drive is recognised in Batch Ripper as F: TEAC DV W5600S Nimbie

    I load a few disks, selected the Nimbie as the drive to rip from, hit RIP and nothing happens 'whatsoever apart from the session timer runs correctly. No actions or sounds or flashing lights from the Nimbie

    I am unable to then end the session or close the program without using Task Manager. Although Task Manager shows that the program is 'Running rather than Not Responding until choose to End Task. The status under the drive says 'Pre Batch Action

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything (dbpoweramp, batch ripper, nimbie loader, nimbie windows driver) a number of times

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    thank you

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    Re: Nimbie Set Up problem

    Run batch ripper configuration, then configure the F drive, do a test load.

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    Re: Nimbie Set Up problem

    I was in the same situation as OP. Hopefully this will help someone else that stumbles across this thread...

    Right before I clicked Submit with a long reply to this thread outlining my situation I changed the Loading Method setting from "Auto Eject - Manual Load" to "Nimbie" and everything started working as expected. Maybe I misinterpreted the Batch Ripper settings here, the way I read it the setting should be "Auto Eject - Manual Load."

    I really wish I had a Nimbie when I originally ripped my collection 10+ years ago, this is so much easier and quicker.

    I'm having another Batch Ripper issue, a few non-compilation albums being ripped as compilations. I'll post another thread about that topic.

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