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Thread: New Albums configuration options

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    New Albums configuration options

    I have had a look at the configuration options and it appears there's none for the New Albums to be based on either creation date or modification date, or how many to list and for how long to keep them. I am presuming it's defaulting to modification date, and 25, from looking at its results - a lot of modifications were done recently to my library so some of my new ones have dropped off the list.
    Would it be possible to have these options - modification/creation date, number of items to list, and for how long to keep them in it?

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    Sep 2018

    Re: New Albums configuration options

    I'd also like this option and for it to follow the dynamic list count value. Whenever you edot the metadata it effectively trashes the New Albums list.

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    Re: New Albums configuration options

    +1, I also want some control over this feature.

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