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Thread: Files don't have metadata

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    Files don't have metadata

    When I rip with CD Ripper, dbpoweramp release 16.4, the ripped files don't have any metadata despite it being filled out in CD Ripper. The info is blank in both Foobar2000 and Windows Media Player. I don't have "disable tag writing" checked in the options. Am I missing something?

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    Re: Files don't have metadata

    Which format do you rip to? what happens if you right click on the file >> Edit ID Tags

    any tags shown?

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    Re: Files don't have metadata

    I rip to FLAC and MP3. I just checked MP3 and the metadata is there. FLAC has nothing. If I go to Edit ID Tags on the FLAC files the only tags shown are AccurateRipDiscID and AccurateRipResult.

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    Re: Files don't have metadata

    Apologies. I just realized that all of the FLAC files I just ripped have no audio content. I installed the FLAC beta and everything is working fine now.

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