Iím a complete newbie, so any help to get me started would be much appreciated.

I have 2000+ CDís to rip, and would like to do the following:

- Rip to FLAC
- Use a Win8 (soon to be upgraded to Win10) machine
- Save all files to a QNAP NAS
- Use 6 x CD writers (2 already in the PC) and 4 x External

I need advice on the 4 x External CD writers, i.e. which is the best model/make to purchase in the marketplace right now?

Ideally I want the CD writers to be slimline, so that they just power/run off the USB, so no need for external power.

Speed and quality are obviously high on the list, and from my own research thinking about either Samsung or LG. Are there any others that I should consider, eg. Pioneer?

Any recommendations please or is there anything else I need to consider?

Many Thanks