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Thread: dBpoweramp R16.5 Beta [Windows]

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    dBpoweramp R16.5 Beta [Windows]


    Music Converter and edit id tags appear on same desktop as invoking Windows file explorer, or Batch Converter

    CD Ripper - tests for Windows Defender 'Controlled folder access' and auto sets CD Ripper to 'Windows Built-in' communication method
    Batch Converter optimized metadata reading thread
    Batch Converter: if drag a column it shows correctly in the list view
    Using FLAC 1.3.3 beta
    Control Center has large help button
    CD Ripper - dialog boxes will appear on same screen as main app
    Edit Tag page - text box and lines resize with the control
    Batch Converter - File List page shows on same screen as main app
    Batch Converter - remembers position if dragged
    Bug Fix: multi-encoder can have [origdrive]
    Bug Fix: m4a fdk aac the bit rate CBR label was overwritten by VBR
    Bug Fix: m4a was showing Audio Quality: Low (lossy) for all files
    Bug Fix: certain tagging of m4a files would fail
    Bug Fix: Playlist writer where writing to ._ tmp files, it was passing track 1 filename for all tracks on CD in BatchEnd


    <now released>

    Install over your existing registered version to maintain registration status (do not uninstall existing). Beta functions until end 2018.
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    Re: dBpoweramp R16.5 Beta [Windows]

    Thanks for the continued support for dBpoweramp. As an update is in progress, can I ask if the following GUI issue can be considered. I have several conversion output paths that I use in different circumstances, and I find that I cannot see the end of the path in the conversion window, and I can't resize it or find a way to see the full path. It would be helpful if this could be addressed. Have tried to upload a screen grab to illustrate this.


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