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Thread: CD Ripper can't access metadata providers

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    CD Ripper can't access metadata providers

    All of the metadata sources are grayed out for me in CD Ripper (v 16.4), which I just installed on my new PC. I gather from what Iíve read elsewhere that the likely reason is my security software (Windows Defender Firewall) is blocking program access to the web. I created new inbound & outbound firewall rules to allow CDGrab.exe access, but it was no help. Are there additional .exe files I need to whitelist to be able to get metadata?

    Oddly, the ripper was able to identify the CD I used to calibrate AccurateRip, and its Freedb entries were displayed then, but Iím unable to manually get metadata from any source.

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    Re: CD Ripper can't access metadata providers

    You must not have the registered version installed, you need Reference installed to access all the providers, the free version of dBpoweramp, or the Power Pack version will just allow access to Freedb.

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