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Thread: Recommendations for a digital audio player

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    Recommendations for a digital audio player

    Hey guys,

    for nearly 11 years I'm using my iPod Classic with its 160 GB 1,8" internal microdrive. Even if its rechargeable battery is still ok, the disc space dimishs and the functionality is not up to date. It's time to explore the acutal alternatives.

    What I want:

    - Hi Res capable player
    - at least 3.5mm headphone socket
    - BT with aptX HD support
    - playback time of at least 15 to 20h (with a wired headphone)
    - gapless playback
    - at least one microSD slot with a minimum support of 256 GB microSD cards
    - UI with a database like functionality
    - a good support of ID3 tags (including multivalue tags)
    - support of ReplayGain
    - option to playback "Recently Added" files
    - price limit: about 500 US$

    Did I miss any important features to look for? Any recommendations?

    Unfortunately you can't find manuals to the models of manufactors like FiiO, Shanling etc. pp.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

    Dat Ei
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