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Thread: CD Ripper Fails Consistently On Brand New PC

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    Re: CD Ripper Fails Consistently On Brand New PC

    Cheers Schmidj,

    I will have a good read of your helpful reply this evening.


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    Re: CD Ripper Fails Consistently On Brand New PC

    I'd like to second everything schmidj mentioned for potential issues. Over the years dozens of CD players were returned with suspected laser failure, only for the rails, seat and lens needing a clean. Occasionally a cable could be slightly too tight, which could cause intermittent problems at the extremes of travel.

    I'll just add to the people recommended having a few CD drives for discs that very occasionally cause problems. Just this morning a CD that looked like new threw up the 120,000 frames needing re-ripping on the laptop drive. The second drive flew through the first four tracks and then started repeatedly having tracks with errors, the third gave an accurate rip, first pass on all tracks. A few days earlier it was the laptop drive that worked first pass on a disc that struggled on the previous "good" drive.

    Good luck.

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