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Thread: Drive Recommendation and availability?

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    Drive Recommendation and availability?

    Hi there,

    i stumbled over this page as i was looking for a new drive due to a post linking to the drive accuracy list.
    Problem is: every entry there i checked is no longer available to buy.

    So my question is: what drive(s) that is still available and can be purchased (in my case preferable from Europe/Germany - but if not worldwide is also ok) can you recommend??

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    Re: Drive Recommendation and availability?

    You should be able to find new or nearly new examples of all the drives listed on ebay.

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    Re: Drive Recommendation and availability?

    Well - i checked ebay, amazon and others before posting the question - so i tend to disagree
    I looked up the Top 20 of the Accuracy List Sticky post and searched quite some time to find available.

    You can get new ones of the
    ASUS - DRW-24B1ST
    HL-DT-ST - RW-DVD GCC-4244N
    HL-DT-ST - DVD+-RW GH82N

    From those only the 24B1ST and GH82N are no slim Drives (which is what i am searching for) - so none of the top 10 is available as new.
    You can also get the iHAS124 easily- but if i read this forum right the Revisions you can get (04 and 14) are not the mentioned W from the list. So also a no.

    So as i am not an expert - i understand that the accuracy declines with drive usage - therefore i'd prefer a new one over a nearly new or used. If i am wrong with that: perfect - if not - not so much

    If it would have been that easy i wouldn't have asked

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    Re: Drive Recommendation and availability?

    I may finally have the opportunity to get an ihas124.
    But - while on the LiteOn Label it says ihas124w
    on the barcode label it reads ihas124-04 wu (Manufactured January 2013),

    Now the confusion spreads - is this a W - or not? Never seen WU before,

    Any expert here, that can clarify this?

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