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Thread: dBpoweramp Video Converter [Windows]

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    dBpoweramp Video Converter [Windows]

    See last message for latest release

    A new family member has joined the dBpoweramp family, a Video Converter, powered by the same technology which makes dBpoweramp Music Converter tick, conversions are as simple as can be:

    Convert 8K, 4K and HD to mp4 (h264, h265), Windows Media Video, Webm (VP9), Apple Quicktime (mov), AVI to name a few.

    Batch Convert: Large numbers of files and folders with 1 click, filter on mp4 or other file types.

    High Speed Conversions: Look for a video converter which encodes using all CPU cores simultaneously? get the job done in double quick time.

    DSP Effects: Process video and audio with effects, such as scale, or denoiser dBpoweramp is a fully featured video converter.

    No Malware: Free converters come with a little extra (a spying toolbar, Trojan, malware, or virus), dBpoweramp has never bundled in 15 years, those wanting just a video converter, get just that and only that. No Trojan, no malware, no viruses.

    Simplicity: dBpoweramp integrates into Windows Explorer, that is as simple as right clicking on the video file >> Convert To. Popup info tips are all provided giving details of the internals of your videos.

    Learn more:

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    Re: dBpoweramp Video Converter [Windows]

    Extra Codec Pack R2

    The update adds extra codecs to Matroska, also with the ability to 1:1 copy in compatible sources (such as h264 in mp4 >> Matroska).

    Update from Video Control Center (top right).

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    Re: dBpoweramp Video Converter [Windows]

    Video Converter R1.6

    Added new 'Audio Extract' encoders to extract audio only to Wave, mp3 or AAC,
    Added Concatenate option to join video files as one,
    added m2ts as decodable type,
    added .wtv (Windows Recorded TV Show) decoding abilities,
    On multi displays the converter stays on same screen as batch converter and right click >> convert to,
    Added new DSP effect 'Brightness & Contrast' (removed Brightness option from Hue & Saturation DSP Effect),
    Added new DSP effect 'Canvas Size' (sets video size without resizing video, allows placing of black border around),
    Added new DSP effect 'Watermark',
    Added new DSP effect 'Sharpen & Blur',
    Added new DSP effect 'Scale Maximum', 'Scale Percentage' and 'Scale Absolute' and removed 'Scale',
    Added new DSP effect 'Cut',
    DSP effect 'Delete Source' - added options to send to recycle bin, and clear empty folders,
    Added new naming fields: [bitrate], [frame rate], [frame count], [aspect ratio], [pixel format], [color space], [video bitrate], [width], [height], [sample rate], [channels], [sample size], [audio bitrate], ,
    Added audio option to h264 and h265 (to allow 1:1 copy from source),
    Video Converter - [Delete Selected Profile] asks for confirmation,

    Bug Fixes
    Rotate -90 or +90 would sometimes not scale video correctly and leave cropped,
    Could fail to convert certain formats if overwriting original,
    Could report 'Referenced QT chapter track not found' on mp4 1:1 copy,
    Explorer >> convert to: loads converter, then do another Convert To would spawn a 2nd Converter, instead of adding the files to existing open one,
    Removed h265 tune options which were invalid.

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    Re: dBpoweramp Video Converter [Windows]

    Video Converter R1.7

    Release 1.7

    Added new Audio Bitrate DSP effect
    Added Pixel Format DSP Effect
    Added new Custom codec and DSP effects: these allow specifying the exact command line to use
    Added topfield video .rec as supported decoder
    Bug Fix: Concat would not always work correctly
    Bug Fix: Canvas Size was missing X and Y boxes

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