Hi again

The Detecting Gaps / Detecting Indexes box that comes up when you first put in a CD is presumably a new-ish feature. It wasn't there in R14.4...

Anyhow, is it possible to hide or move or do anything with this notification box? I have two screens on my PC. I use DBPA on the left hand screen, but the Detecting Gaps / Indexes box comes up on the right hand screen. On some discs it take quite a while and ends up getting in the way of the other stuff I'm doing whilst I wait for the CD to finish "loading". If it was over on the left screen it would be a lot better for my set up.

Also, what exactly is the box doing? Just for interests sake, I just popped a CD in and pressed cancel as soon as the detection box came up, and the CD still loaded fine. What would have happened if I went ahead and done the rip? Poor/non-existent indexing and gap info I presume???