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Thread: Collections missing from AcccurateRip

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    Collections missing from AcccurateRip

    I'm about 500 CDs into digitizing my collection with DBPowerAmp, and so far all has gone well, but today for the second time I found that a large collection was listed by the program as not in AccurateRip. One is the Warner Classics Olivier Messiaen Edition (25 CDs; 2017). The other is the Signum Classics Beethoven Unbound (12 CDs; 2018). Some, maybe all, of these discs may have been published previously, I'm not sure, but the labels are now selling them as complete-works sets. So: (1) Is there a way to rip these discs without having to type in all of the metadata by hand, or research possible earlier publication versions? And (2) is there a way to notify AccurateRip that these collections need to be entered into the database?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Collections missing from AcccurateRip

    If the discs have no metadata online then you will have to manually type I am afraid. Once typed you can submit to freedb (options menu >> Active Providers >> Submit changes to

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