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First of all, I assume that with ALL your flac rips with multi-value tags, you have used the semi-colon as the separator and the same tags show the semi-colon separator, in Edit ID-Tag. This is my experience when using CD Ripper and ripping to flac.

I have no experience with tag&rename so cannot comment on what is happening to your flacs when you use the software and what possible changes may or may not occur when using the software.

I think you'd be better served by checking with tag&rename support, for a possible explanation.

Yes that is correct. Every time I rip a track with CD ripper I use the same format. What I am saying is despite using the same format every time, tag&rename is interpreting that format differently today. That to me means there's something that I can't see in the format, additional coding which helps tag&rename choose whether to preserve the semicolon format or use the slash. I have emailed their customer support. I really appreciate your support today and I will contact you if I have further questions.