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Thread: Just ripped my 500'th CD. . .

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    dBpoweramp Enthusiast
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    Jan 2018

    Just ripped my 500'th CD. . .

    and it's been like fifty CDs or so since I've had an error or inaccurate rip! So happy. I imagine this is what gamblers feel when they're on a roll.

    About 2,000 CDs to go.

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    Da Man
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    Apr 2002

    Re: Just ripped my 500'th CD. . .

    50 CDs is around the average, I estimate around 2% of rips have an error.

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    Wirral, UK

    Re: Just ripped my 500'th CD. . .


    I have ripped 405 x CDs so far. 22 have 'errors,'. So that is, I think, 5%. However, in my Jazz GENRE I have many double-CDs and boxsets (some of the latter have 4/5 discs) and so the overall % of 'errors' will be less than the above stated.

    I will post the end result when I have finally completed my Classiscals.

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