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Thread: dbPoweramp ripper running more than 1 copy on same computer?

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    dbPoweramp ripper running more than 1 copy on same computer?

    I was considering which cd ripper to get/buy.

    A thread on AVS forum said:
    "Another benefit to dbpoweramp, if you have multiple drives you can run multiple instances at the same time. I have two internal, a third USB CD drive and had all three cranking at the same time."

    The AVS thread quoted:

    I have two hardrives inside my PC desktop and a couple or more USB exterior drives I could plug in. Can I be ripping say 3 cd's at once, using the two internal drives and an exterior USB drive with dbPoweramp?

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    Re: dbPoweramp ripper running more than 1 copy on same computer?

    Yes you can, a modern PC can run 4 CD drives without issue at the same time.

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    Re: dbPoweramp ripper running more than 1 copy on same computer?

    OK, thanks. With dBPoweram can you have two to four rippings going on at the same time and so 2 to 4 CD's being ripped at the same time?

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    Re: dbPoweramp ripper running more than 1 copy on same computer?

    I have run, fairly often, six simultaneous instances of dBpoweramp on the same, fairly fast, PC, ripping from 6 DVD players, three SATA internal and three full sized "internal" players sitting externally and connected via SATA-USB converters to USB for connection to the PC. All are being ripped to a moderately fast QNAP NAS RAID 6 storage device. Now, it is rare that all 6 are actually ripping at the same time, as I'm usually straightening out metadata on at least one and sometimes more of them. Correcting messed up inaccurate metadata, scanning artwork when there is nothing appropriate, etc. is for me the limiting problem, not any issues with running the multiple instances of dBPoweramp. My collection includes a large quantity of ethnic music little of which is in Accuraterip. I have the secure settings set with a minimum of the two fast rips and then at least one variable speed (read slow) rip. The typical "good" CD not in Accuraterip takes about 15-17 minutes to rip. Those in accuraterip which take only one, fast, pass are done in three to 5 minutes.

    I've never seen any computer issues from that many instances, the NAS gets in trouble (even with one instance) when it decides to do some housekeeping, like an antivirus sweep. I've set the chron jobs to run when I'm sleeping. The only other significant issue I've seen is slow metadata server response, particularly from Music Brainz. I wish that dBpoweramp had the ability to set a timeout on nonresponsive metadata servers, instead of just hanging.

    I have three older 4X3 aspect ratio monitors on the PC, and have two instances of dBpoweramp on top of each other on each monitor. If you have more than two instances per monitor, you'll probably go wacky trying to keep track of which display belongs to which player.

    I will also comment that if I see a CD start doing rerips, if it's not in Accuraterip, I'll usually abort the rip and try cleaning the CD, ripping in a different player. I've found that typically any significant number of rerips is an inaccurate rip, as proven when ripping it again in a different player comes up with a different checksum. Although I'll comment that often a track with a few rerips will sound fine when played. Remember that each frame of a CD is 1/75 of a second.

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