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Thread: Complete duffer seeking help - dynamic naming

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    Complete duffer seeking help - dynamic naming

    Some time back I bought Dbpoweramp for 50 quid or so, and it is the full reference version. I ripped all my CDs and used dynamic naming to store them on a hard drive. I stopped using it for a couple of years after that.

    I recently changed computers and downloaded DB with my order number, and now have some new CDs to rip. As far a I can see it is telling me that the version installed on my new PC is the reference version (15.3). But the dynamic naming is simply not working, no matter what I try. I'm not looking for anything complex....just C:\MUSIC\[artist]\[album]\[title]. I have checked the dynamic box and put these fields in, but every time it just loads the track directly to c:\MUSIC. I am multi-encoding to FLAC and MP3, but that is what I did when I first used it several years ago and it worked absolutely fine.

    Any help enormously appreciated.

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    Re: Complete duffer seeking help - dynamic naming

    For each encoder listed in Multi Encoder, click Settings, then select Edit Dynamic Naming from the Output To drop-down menu.

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