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Thread: CD Ripper Rip Status

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    Re: CD Ripper Rip Status

    Quote Originally Posted by RecklessMission View Post
    Thanks, mville, but that still doesn't quite answer my question since the possible display values shown on the linked help page (which the OP posted already) don't illustrate one of the values the OP posted, which I'm asking about, - which is, "AR (1) 'check' Secure". A couple of his ripped tracks had conflicts with AR, but were also declared secure and had a green "check" (not a green "i").

    The only instance of a green check illustrated on the help page is one where a track wasn't in AR but ripped with no detectable errors. That makes sense, but how can a track rip with a conflicting AR value (implying errors), but also display a green check (implying rip with no detectable errors)? Thanks.
    For both, X AR (1) 'check' Secure" and X AR (1) 'i' Secure", the track does match with AccurateRip.

    For 'i' Secure, frames had to be re-ripped and for 'check' Secure, the rip had no detectable errors, but both are secure, according to CD Ripper.
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