I searched the forums for Sonos posts and could find downconversion questions, but it doesn't appear that anyone has the same issue I am experiencing.

I am trying to downconvert files that I purchased off of HDTracks to 44.1/16 FLAC files so I can use them on Sonos. I converted the files using the following settings:
- Lossless FLAC
- Resample DSP (44.1 and I also tried 48)
- Bit Depth DSP (16) - This was applied after the Resample DSP
- Triangular Dither

I can convert them and validate the resample and bit rate through Foobar, but when I put them on my NAS for Sonos, it continues to give an error message that it can't play an unsupported format of 96000 khz.

I have succesfully ripped CD's to FLAC at 44.1/16 and they play on Sonos without any issues. Could this be some sort of metadate(?) that is embedded in the file that is tricking Sonos into thinking the file is still 96khz?

Thanks in advance for any help.