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Thread: Issues Converting FLAC to SONOS - SONOS Still Thinks File is 96Khz

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    Issues Converting FLAC to SONOS - SONOS Still Thinks File is 96Khz

    I searched the forums for Sonos posts and could find downconversion questions, but it doesn't appear that anyone has the same issue I am experiencing.

    I am trying to downconvert files that I purchased off of HDTracks to 44.1/16 FLAC files so I can use them on Sonos. I converted the files using the following settings:
    - Lossless FLAC
    - Resample DSP (44.1 and I also tried 48)
    - Bit Depth DSP (16) - This was applied after the Resample DSP
    - Triangular Dither

    I can convert them and validate the resample and bit rate through Foobar, but when I put them on my NAS for Sonos, it continues to give an error message that it can't play an unsupported format of 96000 khz.

    I have succesfully ripped CD's to FLAC at 44.1/16 and they play on Sonos without any issues. Could this be some sort of metadate(?) that is embedded in the file that is tricking Sonos into thinking the file is still 96khz?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Issues Converting FLAC to SONOS - SONOS Still Thinks File is 96Khz

    Hey RollandGroove,

    for a test I have converted a 192kHz, 24bit flac file to a 44,1kHz, 16bit flac file. My Sonos system could play the new file without problems.

    I've used the flac converter with compression level 5, the Resample DSP set to 44,1kHz, the Bit Depth DSP set to "Fixed 16bit" and Apply Dither "Triangular (TPDF)".

    Have you checked the file size of the new file?

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Issues Converting FLAC to SONOS - SONOS Still Thinks File is 96Khz

    Dat Ei,

    Thanks for the information and for taking the time to test it on your end. I converted files based on your settings and still got the same thing, but now I think it might be an unrelated issue causing this problem. I have my HiRes titles backed up on my NAS and it appears that my music library path got messed up in SONOS and it my have been indexing the HiRes FLAC files, thus trying to play those when I think I am playing the downconverted files; they share the same name.

    I removed my music library, removed the backup folder (it's my third backup of the folder), and am re-indexing from the start. Once that completes, I will retest with the files I converted from your settings.

    Thanks again for taking the time to test and respond. I will update the thread once I have the results.

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