I ripped my 400+ cds years ago to mp3 and I stored all the tags in a local cddb database.

I want now to rip them again to flac format, using the same cddb database. I found the way to configure dbpa to do so and for most of my cd's it's ok (I even succeded to convert the old ansi cddb to utf-8).

What is bugging me, is that when the track name has a hyphen in it, dbpa interprets the part before the hyphen as being an artist name and the part after as being the track name.

This is an extract of my cddb file :
TTITLE10=Suite from Nas - Sarabande
TTITLE11=Suite from Nas - Musette
TTITLE12=Suite from Zoroastre - Ouverture
TTITLE13=Suite from Zoroastre - Air Majestueux

This is how dbpa interprets the cddb file :

In the TTITLExx field, I can change the " - " into ", " and then I get the whole string as track title, but I would like to avoid this tedious task.

To complete the post, this is how I have configured the naming field (just in case) :

Question 1 : is it possible to disable the splitting of the track title ?

Question 2 : is it possible to control the way dbpa interprets the content of a cddb file ? I have several naming conventions within the album name that I would like to use to fill some specific tags

Thank you for your help,