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Thread: Embed itunes ratings on files

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    Embed itunes ratings on files

    1. Old problem caused by me using itunes and ipod. Playing new albums on the ipod and rating the songs.
    2. Itunes saves theese ratings in a library file, not embedded in the song/file.
    3. I want to grow up and loose itunes, so I can manage my library with dbpoweramp/mediamonkey and play it on my squeezebox. Therefore I need to embed ratings in the files/songs.
    4. I create playlists that can be read by Mediamonkey - for example a list with 5 stars.
    5. Mediamonkey sees the playlist '5 stars' and I can make a Mediamonkey-rating with four stars on the entire playlist.
    6. In Explorer I see, that the file has been changed with same timestamp as in Mediamonkey, BUT choosing audio properties (dbpoweramp) the rating shows nothing in the line 'rating'.audio properties.PNG
    7. In the file's detail property I notice, that the line 'classification' has been changed to 5.file properties details.PNG

    Is there any way to make windows filemanager, mediamonkey and dbpoweramp agree on the same rating feature? A link or hint would be so welcome.
    Sincerely /Torben
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