I am rebuilding a former Windows Home Server (RipNAS) with Windows 10, for reasons that will take too long to explain. Although a low power device (using an AMD E350 chip, although with 8GB of RAM and a Samsung 850 Pro SSD for software and two 2TB WD Red drives for media), Windows 10 seems to run OK and I can play music from it using a Squeezebox player. As part of this I purchased dBPoweramp to rip CDs, to give similar functionality to the RipNAS software (which I believe is based on dBPoweramp). My CODEC of choice is FLAC. However, when I rip with the default FLAC settings, I get tiny files that won't play, although they are reported as Accurate. They are at most a few tens of kB, when they should each be 20 to 30 MB on average when I look at file properties and details, it says the duration is 0.00.00. If I change the compression setting to Level 0, I can rip satisfactorily. Is there anything I can do about this, to get better compression? By the way, rip to MP3 works fine with default settings.

Also, how do I get it to rip automatically on insertion of a CD, which the RipNAS software would do? I have read in another post that I need Batch-Ripper, so I downloaded it and changed the settings to uncheck the box that says "Prevent Autorun on all CD drives", but I still have to click on the Rip button to make the first CD rip. It will then rip subsequent CDs automatically, but this isn't much use for a headless media server. How do I make it autorip any CD inserted including the first? This must be possible as RipNAS does it.