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Thread: Merging two music files

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    Merging two music files

    I have a bizarre classical CD where the last movement of each work is split into two tracks for no discernible reason. The total length of the original movement should be over 9 minutes which makes all the freebie merging programs unusable without paying. (I would pay if I knew the the program worked and had a pedigree!)

    Can anyone recommend a solution (or program), please? As far as I can see none of the "illustrate" programs have this facility.

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    Re: Merging two music files

    Do I get you right that you want to concatenate the two tracks? From what I know, the free software Audacity should do the job.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Merging two music files

    Have you tried using Rip As One for just those two tracks? See https://www.dbpoweramp.com/help/dmc/CDadvanced.htm for Rip As One instructions.

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