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Thread: How is the DSP VST HEX string generated?

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    How is the DSP VST HEX string generated?


    I am trying to work out just how the DSP strings are generated, specifically the HEX string for a VST plugin.

    Through the GUI of Music Converter, a chain of DSPs can be setup, including using a separately located VST plugin.
    The settings are stored in registry, and can be used by CoreConverter.exe for CLI based conversion.
    I am happy with this.

    However, I am trying to make my script portable, in the sense that the VST plugin is located in the same folder as the script is. Should the user relocate this folder, I would like CoreConverter.exe to still be able to access the VST plugin. The HEX string in the VST DSP setting contains the full path and name of the VST .dll plugin, and I wanted to be able to dynamically generate this without the need of the Music Converter GUI.

    Annoyingly all of my efforts to convert ASCII to HEX do not work, because the first string of 9 HEX characters seems to be dynamic. If I change the path of the VST, and convert this to HEX, everything checks out, yet CoreConverter cannot find the plugin. When I use Music Converter to point it at the plugin, I notice that everything I did was correct, except that the first few HEX characters are different.

    These first few have changed from
    C:\Program Files (x86)\
    X3A000000 ...
    X20000000 ...

    Is there a way to generate these without using the GUI?

    Many thanks
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