All my MP3 conversions are coming out as "Joint Stereo." Is there an option for "Stereo"?

I've read a ton of threads here today about the difference between "Stereo" and "Joint Stereo" when converting to MP3 (with LAME encoder), but is converting to "Stereo" even an option in dBpoweramp, or is "Joint Stereo" the unchangeable default with MP3 conversion? I don't see any option to chose "Stereo," or anything else.

No judgement, please. I know Spoon and most folks would say "Joint Stereo" is better and was always the intended default with LAME (that may all very well be true), but my question is simply - is there a choice to convert to "Stereo" and how exactly do I do that? I don't see where that's done (advanced settings somewhere?).