Dear Illustrate,

I bought your programs Perfect Tunes and dPoweramp ripper.
But I have great difficulty working them together.

But before I registered (bought) the programs dPoweramp worked fine and I was even enthusiast after buying to make the rips more nicely with Perfect Tunes.

But to my horror this changed after I ripped new cd's - after the purchase that is.
From now on Perfect Tunes did not work at all.

Only the filenames are shown, nothing else. And I really mean nothing else, not even the length of a file.
The old ones (ripped cd's) are still really okay and I can change the tags in PerfectTunes.

I tried everything including downloading again, and a new install. Even not changing tags before ripping.
The default values of the ripper are not changed since buying.

This really sucks.

Rein van der Meij

and another -small- issue:
the music library of PerfectTunes does not work (and never did).
You always have tot go manually to the directory you want.
The adding of a 'library' is of no use