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Thread: CD ripper does not rip anything

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    CD ripper does not rip anything

    Not an expert user, but ripped several hundred CDs to FLAC with little issues.
    Win10 up to date 64 bit PRO version
    Plextor PX 230 A
    DB poweramp 16.4

    Had to do a fresh install win10 for some reason. All software was reinstalled including the licensed version of DBpoweramp 16.4. None of the CDs will rip, not matter which drive I use. Drive calibration as per instructions was done, latest encoding/decoding dll was installed, no joy.

    Error message example is:

    Error ripping to FLAC, 'Track 1' to 'F:\DATA\Music\FLAC\Herbert Pixner\Frischgepresst\01 Herbert Pixner - Vernuerer.flac'
    Error unable to open File 'F:\DATA\Music\FLAC\Herbert Pixner\Frischgepresst\01 Herbert Pixner - Vernuerer._' for writing. [clEncoder::BeginConversion]

    File path exists and is valid. Built in DB poweramp player works flawlessly.

    Please help


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    Re: CD ripper does not rip anything

    Can you rip to the C: drive (system drive)? F: drive is local or network? Any security/anti-virus software running?

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    Re: CD ripper does not rip anything

    in the meantime I did more digging into features of win10 latest version. It has a new function under Defender settings, that protects files on the computer from external threats like ransomeware. When it is enabled it allows only limited apps to modify folder content. With that enabled CD ripper was unable to write to the music folder. Disabling the function resolved the issue. As I like the added protection i tried to figure out which apps needed to be on an allowed list in Defender but yet to no avail.
    So yes it was an antivirus software problem, but a real hidden one.

    Thanks for the lead

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