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Thread: Asset R6.1 beta for Mac/Linux

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    Asset R6.1 beta for Mac/Linux

    A beta version of Asset R6.1 for Mac & Linux has is available for testing.

    Current version: R6.1 beta 2


    Changes since R6:
    • Fixed ugly Asset device image due to outdated included image.
    • Fixed missing album art for some folders when browsing by filenames & folders.
    • Fixed "download configuration dump" feature giving wrong data on embedded Linux (QNAP and other NAS types).
    • Search changes merged from Windows codebase.

    Changes in beta 2
    • Better handling of ../ relative paths in playlists.
    • Fixed mishandling of UTF-8 BOM in M3U8 playlists.
    • Better response to entering an invalid path in media/playlists folder configuration.
    • Added visible feedback when there's not enough free space in Asset's data folder.

    More bug fixes coming soon.

    Registered / unregistered status
    Beta versions will act as registered if you install them on top of a registered install; as trial otherwise.
    The above is also valid for regular trial versions.
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    Re: Asset R6.1 beta for Mac/Linux

    When I moved from release version to this beta I found the playlists didn't seem to be picked up. They worked fine in 6 but same playlists were not even registered in 6.1 beta. I did a complete rescan but still nothing. Going back to release version saw all the playlists back.

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    Re: Asset R6.1 beta for Mac/Linux

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I've been going over differences between R6 release and this beta and see no reason why playlists would quit registering.
    What exact configuration machine are you using? Regular Linux / embedded Linux / NAS / Mac OS ?
    A configuration snapshot would be useful as well, email to peter@dbpoweramp.com

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