Hi All

I ripped my CD collection to MP3 files a little over 20 years ago.

Back then storage was expensive and processors were slow. Like everybody else I used 128k encoding with ID3 (no v anything) tags. Tagging metadata has improved out of site in more recent times and I have manually updated the tags with more data (like track number) when that became possible.

Time has moved on and I feel its time to rip my collection again this time using FLAC.

Last time I ripped my collection I moved my PC into the lounge and loaded CD's as I watched TV in the evening and typed in metadata over lunch. Now days I have kids and leaving piles of CD's around the house will end in disaster.

So what to do? I have limited available funds so purchasing a CD autochanger for a one off use is out of the question and I'm lazy so loading a few hundred CD's again just isn't going to happen.

Last time I used EAC to perform the ripping and as it worked quite well so I didn't see any reason to change. EAC has an auto mode where on insertion it will load the CD, collect metadata, rip, encode and eject on completion. I figured building a robot arm and triggering it on CD eject would not be that difficult.

Enter Rip-O Mk1

Rip-O Mk1 worked quite well. It uses radio control servos to move the arm and vacuum to grab the disc. Servos are reasonably accurate but when driving a 200mm long arm not accurate enough. The arm would get the CD into the drawer 95% of the time, but sometimes it would miss and the drawer would try to close on a disc not quite seated properly. EAC also has an issue in auto mode where unless the disc has been previously inserted the metadata is downloaded after extraction has commenced and everything is saved as unknown artist/unknown...

After finding DBPoweramp I decided to design a new autochanger and have it mimic a commercial product.
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This changer will again use vacuum to grab the disc. It has in input stack, an accept stack and a reject stack and accepts the same serial commands as the MF Ripstation.

I have pretty much finished the design and have manufactured most of the parts. With luck I will get it assembled and the controller programmed over the coming weeks and have it busy ripping early next year.